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MassCor provides a wide range of chairs that are as ergonomical as they are comfortable and fun. Certain chairs can even be built Fire Rated in complicance with CAL133. All chairs come readily available in Navy, Black, Wine and Gray.
Ithica Chairs
Made with high performance foam these chairs are ergonomic with arm, back and height adjustability. They can even be built Fire Rated in compliance CAL133. Available in chair or stool.
  Ithica Stool Chair Image Ithica Chair Image
Breathe Chairs
Allow yourself to experience full comfort in the Breathe Chair Jr. With a mesh back, adjustable arms and lumbar support. You can sit cool, confident and most importantly, comfortable.
  Breathe Chair Image Breath Chair Image
Snap Backs
Easy to store, move and sit in. These Snack Back chairs offer adjustable back height and depth. Available with or without arm rests.
  Snap back chair image Snap Back Chair image
Folding and Stacking Chairs
MassCor folding and stacking chairs are perfect for those who need to make space and utilize multiple functions for one room. Our stacking chairs are made with high density polypropylene and come with or without ganging glides. Make storage and movements easy with the MassCor Transport Dolly that can hold up to 45 chairs. Standardized steel folding chairs can be purchased through MassCor as well.
Stacking Chair image
Chair Transport dolly image
Folding Chair image
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