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American Flags:
MassCor has a wide range of American flags including, classroom, cemetery and veteran flags. Our flags are made from either cotton, nylon or wind resistant polyester. Available in a range of sizes from 3'X5' to 8'X12'. Start or complete any flag collection with MassCor!
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Thin Line Flags:
MassCor has flags for all who serve their community and face life and death at any given moment. Commemorate all police officers, fire fighters, emergency responders and correctional officers. With your choice of thin blue line, thin red line and think silver line flags. Two styles can be purchsed; standard thin line stripe and thin line American flags. Available in sizes from 2'X3' to 6'X9'
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Commonwealth and POW / MIA Flags:
MassCor Commonwealth of Massachusetts flags and POW / MIA flags are perfect for completing any flag collection and demonstrating your pride in your country, state and those who sacrificed so much so we may live the way we do. Commonwealth flags are available with or without fringe. Both flags are made from nylon and are available in sizes ranging from 3'X5' to 8'X12'
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MassCor offers a wide range of flag accessories to compliment your flag and properly display them. From poles, tassels, hooks, stands and display cases. MassCor can make sure your flags are presentable, respectable and in accordance with flag etiquette.
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