Optical Shop
Full Line of Frames Available in a Variety of Styles, Colors and Sizes


The MassCor Optical Shop was opened in 1981 and has grown every year since. Our new state of the art equipment allows us to produce an average of 1,400 pairs of prescription eyewear each day. Our optical shop produces over 400,000 pairs of eyewear a year. Our automated equipment and software enables the Optical Shop to match or exceed quality standards of any other optical lab. We recently developed an online ordering system that includes everyday access to order status as they are accepted, processed and shipped. Our customer base includes MassHealth, the Department of Correction, Connecticut Department of Correction, the Counties and the Massachusetts Correctional Officers Federated Union.

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The MassCor optical program utilizes two labs to produce our presecription eyeglasses. We currently provide employment to an average of 85 offender workers. Our goal is to provide employment and training to over 100 workers and provide them an opportunity to become certified in the trade. Our licensed opticians also provide training and supervision over all aspects of eyewear manufacturing operations.
The Optical Shop is another example of MassCor's mission "to instill a positive work ethic in offenders by providing training and skills for a successful re-entry into the community."
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