Our History


The Commonwealth's prison industries program was officially recognized and statutorily authorized in 1887. Over the last 133+ years, the program's mission of subsidizing the cost of this educational program while providing a meaningful vocational training experience has remained virtually unchanged.


Over a decade ago, the Department of Correction made a commitment to reconstitute the correctional industries program, which was rebranded as MassCor, short for Massachusetts Correction Industries. MassCor teaches the importance of work ethics and vocational skills to approximately 500 offenders. MassCor operates 17 manufacturing operations within seven institutions.

The 133 year-old MassCor correctional industries program benefits both offenders and state residents through a dual mission of providing a job-related skill set for offenders while subsidizing offender rehabilitation costs.

MassCor's customer base consists of Massachusetts residents, businesses, camps, nursing homes, schools, cities, towns, hospitals, police, fire, social service agencies, veterans agencies and others who can reap the benefits from our service of providing high quality products for a modest price. Going direct through MassCor can help you avoid time wasted with bid processes.